What others have to say about us.

"The physiotherapist at North End Spine and Sport would be hard to be matched anywhere. They have set the bar high and continue to raise it. If they do not know how to solve a problem they research it until they find a solution that works. I would very highly recommend North End Spine and Sport for all rehabilitation needs. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. Thank you North End Spine and Sport ladies for all you did for me over the years."


"Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
I appreciate all the work Mara has done with me. She really knows her stuff."


"I will continue to drive from Kamloops (to the ends of the earth really) to see Maggie as she is just the best! I appreciate the time she takes and the knowledge she brings to the treatment room is just amazing because she “gets it “an athlete herself. Thank you Maggie!

"If I could give 10 stars, I would. I can’t say enough good things about this amazing place. I have been lucky enough to have Cheryl Witter taking care of my various injuries over the past 20 years, and not only does she always heal me, she does so with kindness, humour and great conversation. Same goes for her wonderful staff and the beautiful atmosphere of North End, where they have created a soothing and tranquil place of health and healing. Thank you for all that you do to make my life better!"


"I have been coming to see Kayla for a few years and she always makes my physio sessions fun and relaxed. She has helped me work through two different post pregnancy issues, and I am very grateful to her for that!"


"Following a motorcycle accident, where I suffered multiple hairline fractures on my pelvis, fractured a vertebrae and four ribs, Cori first offered home services and helped me tremendously in my recovery. She recommended to ICBC we do some Aqua Therapy at the Rec Centre as part of my rehabilitation, which we did for 8 weeks. Once I was well enough to continue treatments in clinic, I was happy to follow COVID protocols in a clean and friendly environment. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, I will always appreciate you."


"I had Mara as a physical therapist at Spine & Sports. She was an extremely professional physical therapist. I came in with an almost locked Right shoulder and stiff Left shoulder, as well as severe neck and shoulder pain, causing many sleepless nights. In just over a month of weekly visits, Mara was able to significantly improve the range of motion in both shoulders while reducing the severe muscle tension through skillful manual massage techniques and stretching. The exercises given to me were not too difficult, and were easy to incorporate with a busy schedule. The decreased pain and improved range of motion in my neck and shoulders is such a significant improvement, that I could not be more pleased I found Mara through Spine and Sports!"


"So very happy good put people like Mara on the planet she has helped fix me when I thought all hope was lost. Excellent pain killer. She has given me the tools and knowledge to keep pain free."


"I've been seeing Corrie for a while and have always appreciated her personable approach to care. She is responsive to what I report to her and changes up the treatment as needed. She's good at what she does and most importantly she leaves you with a feeling of trust that you're getting the treatment you need."


"My new therapist is Maggie Suranko.  She is an excellent therapist.  I have been attending her since January 5, 2021 and find that she is very knowledgeable in this field.  She shows great concern and consideration for my needs.  I am recovering from a stroke and I am very satisfied in her excellent treatment.  Thank you, Spine & Sports, and a very special thank you to Maggie."

- Elizabeth Thomas (Bette)


"Cheryl and Carla have been a weekly staple in my life following a serious neck injury in 2019.  Their evidence-informed treatment has been the cornerstone of my recovery process, and the rehabilitation exercises have been massively impactful on my levels of pain and range of motion.  I'm grateful to have their clear communication, compassionate care, and deep understanding of body mechanics with me on my journey to recovery.  The entire team has been outstanding to reducing my stress - special thanks to Dawn in the office for helping with insurance and booking appointments! I highly recommend North End Spine and Sports to all those looking for exceptional, professional, top-notch physical therapy and massage therapy."

- MM

"There are no words to describe this amazing group of people at this clinic. They emphasize "structure without function is a corpse". Cheryl Witter lives up to her name "wit", cheery and a wee bit of sarcasm to add. I'm sure her motto is, "I may hurt it today but it will work tomorrow" for it does! Carla Buchanan is a fantastic RMT, who has the ability to find those sore spots and make them better. And Madison Powls, there is an up and coming star of the team. After sessions with her, found that I was able to move better than I had in years."

- Lawrna Myers

"After experiencing my first episode of QL muscle strain/pain and feeling reluctant to go for Physiotherapy, I was fortunate to be referred to Cori Hanan and had a very positive experience. She made me feel welcome, comfortable and provided me with some very good stretches to try at home. After only two sessions, I was well on my way to recovering from pain that had been bothering me for months."

- Sheryl McGowan

"I highly recommend North End Spine & Sports.  I see Carla for massage and Cheryl for physio.  They treat the current issues and always suggest and remind of preventative and maintenance exercises to help keep our lifestyles enjoyable.  Everyone is a strong asset to their team.  From the front desk to the treatments, the friendly professional atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing.  With the onset of Covid, Cheryl and everyone continue to make sure their environment is safe and relaxing at the same time as we work thru this pandemic."

- SC

"Tanis gives the most absolute amazing massages. As well, listens to where my pain is and asks me if the pressure is too much or too soft and checks every few minutes how I'm doing.  So very kind and compassionate.  They all care very much for the people that come here and love what they do.  It shows in how they care about you when you're in their presence.  I highly recommend Spine & Sports"

- C Varner

"I have enjoyed the professionalism of Cheryl Witter for many years. Cheryl and her staff are professional and caring. I would highly recommend their services for physiotherapy needs.  Keep up the good work."

- Bob Menzies

 "I see Tanis once a week for massage therapy.  She is by far the most amazing RMT I have worked with.  She is experienced, intuitive and committed to my health and well being.  Thank you, Tanis and Dawn, for always being awesome!!"

- JA

“I would like to recommend North End Spine & Sports to my family and friends. Kayla Comstock can realign your aching body back to where it belongs and make you feel alive again. Everyone is very kind and courteous from the front-end staff to all the therapists.”

– L D.

"I have been going to Spine & Sports for the last one and a half years.  I have been seeing Tanis (RMT) who is very knowledgeable regarding the condition that she is treating me for and has given me some relief of pain on an ongoing problem.  Also, I would like to say the staff at the front desk are very friendly and personable and are more than willing to help clients.  I would certainly recommend Spine & Sports to any of my friends."

- Christine Smith

"I highly recommend North End Spine & Sports to everyone!  Cheryl Witter is an outstanding Physiotherapist.  The immediate relief after a treatment is amazing.  Carla Buchanan is my favorite Massage Therapist!  Every massage ends with lymph drainage and I end up leaving the office relaxed and energized.  I must add the entire staff at North End Spine & Sports are genuinely friendly and kind!

- JH

“I’ve been getting a massage once a month for 10 years from Carla Buchanan… magic fingers is my nickname for her. It’s amazing for my back and has kept me mobile over the years. I would highly recommend North End Spine & Sports.”

– Lynda D.

“Always enjoyable coming here for treatment. Staff is courteous and friendly. Virginie has been great. Knowledgeable and always on time.”

– Matt M.

“I look forward to seeing Carla every two weeks—she keeps me on my feet.”

– Donna Scott

“Cheryl has the best sharp fingers and elbows in town!”

– Janice Laursen

“All of the staff are both talented professionals, sincere, compassionate and truly caring human beings. I feel both physically and emotionally better after a visit.”

– Margaret Penner

“The powerfully trained physiotherapy team and front-end dynamic duo at North End Spine & Sports provide a hands-on, no nonsense approach in determining the underlying issue(s), applying proper treatment techniques and providing appropriate on-going maintenance, all done with care and compassion, astute skill and vast knowledge base. Flexibility and motion are fundamental with spinal and related musculoskeletal issues. North End Spine & Sports keeps the wheels rolling, straight ahead in high gear! With profound gratitude.”

– Andrea Newton

“After my car accident I came to North End Spine & Sports for physio. My experience here has been amazing. The staff are always supportive, understanding, and put their clients first. Recovery has been made much easier thanks to North End Spine & Sports.”

– Diane Mintz

“Wow, what can I say—I’ve been working with Cheryl and team for 12 years and everyone is top notch. I appreciate Cheryl’s direct approach to recovery and expectations to stay healthy. Judy leads the team to keep everything running smoothly even when everything is crazy! Thank you for all you do.”

– CF

“Amazing how accommodating the office can be for appointments! Thanks especially to Judy. Carla’s work continues to be “top drawer”. Thanks for the chalkboard quote board in the waiting room. Like it! And thanks for the relaxed atmosphere.”

– Angela

“I came in at the end of my rope when no one knew what was wrong or what to do about my back. Cheryl would not give up! She figured it out and got me walking again, raised my spirits and educated a lot of people on how to deal with my injury. Would not be at work or doing this amazing without her!”

– Tanna McWillis


“Cheryl Witter has been my Physio for over 20 years. We are a team, taking care of my body. I’ve been extremely satisfied with my care. We get results—we work together! Cheryl is more than just my Physiotherapist!”

– Charmaine

“I would recommend North End Spine & Sports 100%. From the friendly welcome by the reception staff to the highly professional Physio and Massage Therapy staff. You cannot go wrong by bringing your twisted body and aching muscles here!”

– Angela Chisholm



“I have been coming to North End Spine & Sports for quite a few years now. I primarily see Cheryl for Physiotherapy and have to say that she is not only a miracle worker, but also pleasant and kind. I also saw Shannon on occasion when a good massage is needed. Whether it be for relaxation or deep tissue—Shannon is great! Recently I was in pain and called desperate to see Cheryl (to work her magic) and although I couldn’t get in to see her that day, they squeezed me in with Virginie and she made the pain disappear. I was so thankful for that they were able to help. Which goes to add to this, on how wonderful Judy is on trying to get me in on my days off that I can see Cheryl. The team is here is great. I tell anyone I can to go here.”

– Julie Funfer

“North End Spine & Sports has been a Godsend! Having been T-boned I received injuries to my shoulder and spine. Physiotherapist, Virginie, has worked through all my tears, frustration and progress. She celebrates my big steps as well as my small. Without her—well, I cannot imagine how my life would be. I can’t thank her enough. Also, the front-end staff are wonderful. Always smiling and greeting their clients with genuine happiness. Thank you for all your care, concern and expertise.”

– M. Choiniere