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What’s New

June 2018
The Physio team is embarking on partnering with some Dentists in the treatment of TMJ.

May 2018
Courtney is now fully certified in Kinetacore Dry Needling (FDN). She joins Cheryl Witter with this distinction. They are ready for your trigger points!

March 2018
We welcome Physiotherapist, Courtney de Vries to the team! Courtney graduated from UBC and is a Kelowna girl. She brings her Acupuncture, Dry Needling and Manual Therapy skills to the team.

December 2017
We are honoured to be named 2017 Best of the Okanagan for the 5th time! We are very proud of this award and thank our very loyal patients!

November 2017
Cheryl Witter, Derek Geldrich and Kayla Comstock completed a Concussion Rehab Course.

September 2017
Virginie Pichard-Jolicouer started an Advanced Health Care Clinical Master in Manipulative Therapy through the University of Western Ontario. It is a full-time year-long program at the end of which she will be eligible to become a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT). Through clinical reasoning, evidence-based practice and experienced orthopeadic practice, this program prepares physiotherapists to be advanced clinicians in the assessment and treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction and provide effective management of complex clinical conditions. For the upcoming year, Virginie will be in Ontario for intensive residencies in September, February and July and will be at the clinic 3 days a week the remaining of the year. She is very excited about this journey to enhance her patient care. ​

March 2017
Kayla Comstock and Cori Hanan became certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation.

April 2016
Derek Geldrich completed The Peripheral Manipulation Course with Jim Meadows.

Dec 2015
We are honored to be named 2015 Best of the Okanagan! A huge thank you to all of our loyal supporters!

Nov 2015
Our North End office celebrated 10 years of business!

Nov 2015
Cheryl Witter and Lisa Crockett completed their certification in “Kinetacore Dry Kneedling” (FDN).

May 2015
Cori Hanan, Physiotherapist joined the our team at both the North and South End locations.

June 2015
Virginie Pichard-Jolicoeur completed her certification in acupuncture from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada.

Jan 2015
Cheryl Witter and Lisa Crockett became certified in ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE (ART) Lower extremity in Vancouver. They are now both certified for the lower extremity as well as the spine.

Dec 2014
North End location is pleased to welcome Kayla Comstock (Forsyth) to the team. Kayla is a Vernon local and a recent graduate of the UBC Masters of Physiotherapy program.

Nov 2014
Virginie Pichard-Jolicoeur successfully completed her “Orthopedic Division Level 2 Upper”. She plans on taking the Lower course soon but next up is her acupuncture course in the spring.

Oct 2014
Shannon Sakakibara completed Anne Sleeper’s Introduction to Osteopathic Techniques course in Vancouver.

June 2014
Cheryl Witter & Lisa Crocket completed the Swodeam Institute’s “Advanced Manipulation Course” in Calgary, taught by Jim Meadows.

Mar 2014
South End Spine and Sports is adding a Registered Massage Therapist. Myoka Kuraoka joins Bob Powls and Lisa Crockett in April!

Feb 2014
Physiotherapists, Cheryl Witter and Lisa Crockett became certified in ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE (ART) “Spinal” component by taking the challenging ART course and exam held in Vancouver, BC.

Jan 2014
North End Spine and Sports welcomes new addition to the Team! Physiotherapist, Virginie Pichard-Jolicouer joined us in January. She graduated from Laval University with a Masters of Physiotherapy Degree. Virginie is an avid cross country skier, hiker and loves the outdoors!

Sept 2013
North End Spine and Sports is proud to announce Physiotherapist, Derek Geldrich has obtained his Certification in Acupuncture from the AFCI.