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We are here to help!

Video links below about how to set up (troubleshoot) Telerehab!

Links to some helpful videos

How to book an appointment online
How to join an online appointment
• How to download Google Chrome OR Firefox (required for appointments)
• Troubleshooting during your visit

1. Book your initial assessment / consultation / follow-up appointment

a. Book online through Jane or email your physiotherapist
b. Please note your credit card information will be collected at time of booking to secure your appointment but WILL NOT be charged until after your appointment

2. Complete your intake forms before your appointment. They will be emailed to you as soon as you book your appointment.

3. You can visit our online clinic using either a laptop or desktop computer
** note: Please use google chrome or Firefox web browser **
** Telerehab does NOT work on an iPad or iPhone **

4. Please arrive to your appointment a few minutes early

When your therapist is ready, they will welcome you from the waiting room with live video connection. To ensure you have a great appointment please ensure the following:

• Your camera is set up in a location that allows you to move around and still be seen
• You have clear audio – you may want to consider using earbuds for clearer sound (not necessary)
• Have a private space free of distraction so you can focus on what you need

What does each button do?

These icons will be at the bottom of your screen during your visit. The text below describes the function of each icon.

Here’s what each of the icons do, starting from the left:

• Screenshare – A picture is worth a thousand words and sharing your screen with your practitioner helps share that information easier
• Raise Hands – Click this to politely let the practitioner know that you want to speak
• Text Chat Window – Use this to chat with your practitioner through text and emojis
• Mute/Unmure – Great for those moments when you need to mute sounds during the call
• Leave Call – When you’re finished with your call, click here or simply close the tab.
• Enable/Disable video – Click here to enable or disable your video
• Tile View – Tile view lets you see everyone side by side