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Setting Goals for 2019

Setting Goals for 2019

Setting Goals for 2019

The New Year is here and with a new slate ahead of us, goals and resolutions have been made to make it a successful one.  Here are some ideas to help make those goals reality and keep your new year’s resolutions lasting beyond the first week of January.

First you need to think of goals that are important to you.  Once you have an idea write it down with some points of why it is important to you.  This will put the goal in perspective and give you a better idea if the goal is right for you.  If your reasoning for the goal does not fit your lifestyle or you cannot think of many points which underline why the goal is important then it may not be the right one for you.  Writing down the goal and its benefits makes it real, acts as a daily reminder and will also serve to create the motivation which helps drive us to succeed.  Placing these goals in a daily visible location helps to remind and keep us on track, as well it makes us accountable to something that is real.  Simply saying a goal without writing it down can often be forgotten and lost amongst the hundreds of daily tasks we do.

When creating goals a simple outline to help make them realistic and achievable is the SMART rule:

Time Bound

Set Specific Goals
Your goals need to be simple and straightforward to give you a clear direction in which to go.  A generalized goal will not give you a specific direction and can become overwhelming if too broad. 

Set Measurable Goals
We all have some idea of what succeeding will look like, now you need to add some details to outline what makes you succeed.  Whether it be obtaining a final accreditation or finishing by a specific date this will help you measure your success.

Set Attainable Goals
Set yourself up for success, a goal needs to be realistic but challenging.  Having some risk in a goal is also a great way to keep you committed and boost your confidence when you succeed.  Often goals made are not realistic which does not help our confidence if we fail. 

Set Relevant Goals
Goals needs to be something you are interested in and invested in for improving your life.  If goals are made to please someone else, or suggested by friends or family the attachment to the goal is weak.

Set Time-Bound Goals
Like anything we do there is a start and a finish.  It is just as important to have a timeline for your goal.  This helps you stay on track and keep you motivated.  To help you reach your goal on time, a few short goals or milestones along the way will help breakdown your overall goal so it is not overwhelming. 

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